Rods and Connectors


U Hanger

Figs. 400

U Bolt

Figs. 402

J Bolt

Figs. 403

U Bolts

Figs. 414

Eye Rods


Linked Eye Rod

Figs. 422

Hook Rod

Fig. 424

Anchor Bolt

Fig. 426

Machine Rod

Figs. 430

All Threaded Rod

Figs. 432

Continuous Threaded Rod

Figs. 434

Welded Eye Rod

Figs. 440

Linked Welded Eye Rod

Figs. 442

Turnbuckle Tie Rods

Fig. 450

Coach Screw Rod

Fig. 460

Coach Screw and Machine Thread Rod

Figs. 461

Rod Coupling

Fig. 462

Forged Steel Clevis

Fig. 470

Forged Steel Turnbuckle

Fig. 475,4755

Weldless Eye Nut

Fig. 480,480L